The Clinic

Paphiakos & C.C.P. Animal Welfare

The Clinic

Here you can find out what we do and some of the services that we offer.

New Facilities

Advanced Orthopaedic Surgery(Knee Surgery, Hip Surgery, Bone Surgery, Ligament Surgery)
Soft Tissue Surgery & Thoracic Surgery
Ophthalmic Surgery(Surgery of the Cornea and the Lens, Catarract, Eyelid Surgery)
Hip Scoring
Paphiakos & CCP Animalw Welfare Veterinary Team are now authorised by the British Veterinary Association
and the Kennel Club to perform hip and elbow scoring for all breeds of dogs

Geriatric Clinic
Dental Clinic
Weight Control Clinic

Approximately 40% of pets in this country are over weight!
There are many different reasons why an animal becomes overweight or obese.
It can be due to over feeding, lack of exercise, medical illness or there are certain breeds who are genetically predisposed to obesity.

Obesity develops when the animal consumes more calories than the body burns of in exercise.
It is very important to get the balance right or the excess energy that is not used will be stored on the body as fat.
Obesity is a serious disease and can decrease your pet’s lifespan. It is also associated to many other health disorders;
here are a few diseases that can be affected ob obesity:
Diabetes/Heart Disease/ Respiratory difficulties/ Arthritis/ Skin complaints/exercise intolerance/ Liver disease.

An animal only has to be 15% over their normal weight to be clinically obese.
It is very difficult to reduce an animals own diet to encourage them to lose weight as you may be restricting specific nutrients
they require on a daily basis which can lead to further health risks.
Therefore it is essential, for safe weight loss, to feed a low calorie diet that still provides all the nutrients and energy the animal requires.

If you are concerned that your pet may be overweight, or is beginning to gain a few kilos more recently,
then you can attend our Weight Control Clinic.
Ring 26946461 for further information.